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NR Mako 150

(SKU ID: TG5A4341F2C )

Rs. 1,899


Lights are an integral part of your daily commute. Using a light can mean the difference between being seen or not by automobile drivers. Many of the “entry level” commuter lights are nothing more than “be seen” lights. Your overall safety and visibility should not be limited by your budget, that’s why NiteRider created the Mako Series. The Mako throws 150 lumens, not only allowing the cyclist to be seen, but allowing the cyclist to see as well. Our favorite feature is the side “gills” that emit red side lighting, it not only looks cool, but makes the Makos more visible. The Mako line is easy on the wallet and easy to operate. 

The Mako is the preferred choice of randonneurs and tourists, who like to have the ability to swap batteries on the road.



Low cost, high powered light

Highly visible in traffic = keeps you safe

3 light settings – High, Low and flash

Tough durable design

Red side lighting

Weight - 175gms

Run time:

High - 20:00 hrs

Low - 60:00 hrs

Flash - 120:00 hrs


System Includes:

LED Light Head

Handlebar Mount

2 AA Batteries